Gentoo Studios

What we do

We believe that the most effective organizations continuously strive to become more human. We exist to help those organizations along that journey.

We invent game-changing business concepts and help our clients bring those ideas to life to gain a competitive advantage by enabling people do do their best work.

How we are different

We believe that a great consultancy is a fundamentally human endeavor.

Our thought leadership is published by our actual strategy practitioners, not by a marketing firm. We invite you to explore our ideas, where you’ll hear directly from the people who can help you bring those ideas to life.

When you engage with us, we will lead you through the journey of discovering the impact of implementing transformative ideas in your business, making a plan, and following up through training, deployment, and execution.

Areas of Practice

Strategy and Innovation

Is your strategic plan a roadmap containing your plan or does it simply contain a series of arbitrary, overly-ambitious growth targets? Your strategic plan should define not just how much you intend to grow, but how and why and it should be a source of inspiration and striving for your people.
We can lead your executive team through a process of innovation and ideation that helps you define core objectives and initiatives. And we can enable you to craft a strategic plan that propels your business.

Talent Effectiveness

Your people are the heart of your business, but at most organizations, HR processes pose significant barriers to hiring and retention.
We can help you build more human talent management processes, from re-engineering your recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes to helping you replace annual performance reviews with continuous coaching.

Process Reengineering

Business processes evolve out of necessity to support new stakeholders, processes, but without periodic reevaluation and reengineering, they become bloated and will slow your business down.
We can to streamline your business processes by inventorying current needs, mapping existing processes, defining essential inputs, outputs and dependencies, and eliminating unnecessary work.

Change Communication and Messaging

Your communications plan can be the difference between generating widespread, enthusiastic support throughout your organization and fostering malaise that can grind your initiative to a halt.
We can help you identify communications needs, develop the right strategy, and craft your message, whether you are rolling out organizational change or launching a product.

What people we have worked with are saying…

Gentoo Studios approaches “every project with enthusiasm and fact-based decision making.

― Engineering Leader, Industrial Company

It is a rare joy to find someone enthusiastic and positive to work together to find the perfect solution.

― Product Leader, Industrial Company

About Us

We are Gentoo Studios, a collaborative of consulting practitioners including strategists, MBAs, PhD economists, and executive thought-leaders.


We serve clients across the globe, but maintain our home office in Minneapolis, Minnesota.